Need a soil report for a septic system?

We do soil analyses for new and existing systems to satisfy Illinois health department requirements.

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Getting your soil analysis is easy


First, contact us with your pertinent information so we can give you a quote.  Click here to see how best to contact us.


We will schedule a time with you to coordinate the site evaluation, which includes collecting the soil borings and creating a site map.

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Once the fieldwork is done and payment is made, you can usually expect to receive your electronic report within a week.

Why do you need a soil analysis?

Local Health Departments are responsible for carrying out the Illinois State Code for Private Septic Systems. They require soil information in order to determine what kind of septic system will work best with your type of soil conditions. Soil properties can change from lot to lot. Some soils are slowly permeable and require a larger filter bed area. Other soils may have a high seasonal water table that could periodically interfere with the common filter bed area. The soils analysis will recognize these properties helping to ensure the proper type, location, and function of your septic system.

Could I use a “Perc” test instead?

The 2014 Illinois State Private Septic System Code no longer accepts percolation (“perc”) tests.  The results of a percolation test are not nearly as reliable due in part to weather conditions and were never meant to measure a water table.

Example Report

The report includes the pertinent site documentation on the first page including owner information, legal description, and other information the Health Department requires for a septic permit.

The location and properties of the soil borings and their ratings are listed, along with special limitations.

Finally a scaled site map is provided, showing the boring locations and other information important to a filter bed.

Both septic installers and Health Department employees will require a copy of this technical report. This information will help them determine what type of septic system will work for you. In addition, the installers will need the information in order to give you a proper estimate.

Contact Us

To begin the process, contact one of us via phone, text or email.  Alternatively, fill out the provided contact form.  Be sure to have the address of the site location, or the name of the nearest town.

Once we receive your contact information, a date can be set to take soil samples. Then, we will analyze the soil samples, create a site map, and email (or mail) your report within about a week.

Call or Text

Bill Teater, CPSC (309) 241-1367

Call or Text

Josh Litwiller, CPSC (309) 840-0806


Decades of Experience

Bill Teater is a retired USDA soil scientist. During his time with the government agency, Bill lead the development of four USDA soil survey books and became very familiar with the soils of central Illinois.

Bill has worked as an independent consultant for individual home owners, developers, realtors and septic installers since 1998 (initially part time and now available full time). He is certified with the Illinois Soil Classifiers Association, which is recognized by the State of Illinois.